In news from across the pacific today, Google’s Eric Schmidt has told the Dive Into Mobile conference that Google’s goal with Android is to reach everyone. Not just most people. Everyone.

Schmidt predicts that Android’s reach will encompass more than a billion devices within six to nine months, and within a year or two, two billion devices. Those are huge numbers, considering that there are around seven billion people on earth. Schmidt says this will come about with the debut of low-end devices from manufacturers in emerging markets across Asia.

Schmidt says that the low-end devices of today, with their price tags, are nothing compared to what will come in future — he has us at Ausdroid picturing the $30 Nokia handsets in Dick Smith being replaced with $30 Android handsets in a year or two, something that’s quite incredible. An inexpensive smartphone with a web browser (that actually works, unlike Nokia’s Symbian browser/OS which is a little less than pleasant) is all people need to access the collective knowledge of humanity, according to Schmidt, and he’s probably right.

Just an interesting insight into what Google has in mind for the Android ecosystem.

Source: All Things D.
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Turnbull probably has a faster and cheaper and possibly broken method to get into 2 billion hands faster… hehe

Sean Royce

That wasn’t even witty.


I know