Checker Plus for Gmail is possibly the most useful extensions I have come across to date. Developer Jason Savard has done a brilliant job taking the knowledge that a huge number of users do not have just the one Gmail address, but often running with two, three or more. The extension runs in the background and checks all of your Gmail accounts through a single interface and notifies you when you receive new email on any of the registered accounts.

The interface has expandable tabs for each Gmail to allow the user to expand individual email address inbox listings to show what emails are currently in that specific inbox. Clicking directly on the email address in the extension drop down will open a new Chrome tab with that Gmail Account logged in. Delving deeper into the settings you’ll find a huge number of well thought out and very well executed variables in the way the extension looks and behaves, of particular note are:

  • Voice input for sending email
  • Voice notifications for incoming mail
  • Adjustable desktop notifications
  • The ability to run background, even when Chrome is not running

Not all functions are available on installation, but I highly recommend donating a few dollars to get the full list of features unlocked. Not only are you getting extra functions from an already very useful and functional extension, you’re supporting a developer.



Checker Plus for Gmail™
Checker Plus for Gmail™