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Foxtel will finally be releasing their Foxtel Go app for Android. The app will be available from June 3 but only to Samsung phones and tablets. The exclusivity arrangement will be in place until the end of October when availability will be expanded to include other brands of Android devices, however there has been no details regarding which devices the app will be compatible.

The app, which has been available on iOS since last year, allows Foxtel subscribers to stream live and catch-up content to their mobile devices.

In a previous “exclusive” app deal, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 launched with Flipboard included with a 2 month exclusivity period, however the APK for the app was leaked within hours of the device getting into the hands of users. The Foxtel Go app, should be no different in this respect.

This is good news for Foxtel subscribers with Android devices. We’ll be sure to remind you when it’s available.

Source: TechGuide.
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Still not compatable for the Toshiba 10.1 Android tablet but still say the Toshiba is a better tablet than the iPad or Samsung.


Still nothing. Existing long term subscribers and non-Mac users get nothing from Foxtel… Why am I not surprised?


It’s been been delayed this is the message I got from foxtel twitter
@FOXTEL_Help: We’re testing the android version but its taking longer than we hoped. We’ll let you know via Twitter when we have a launch date


Any word on where it is yet


No sign of the Samsung Foxtel Go app….where is it?????


Samsung and Foxtel …. got the goods????


June 4th where’s it at?


Get STUFFED Samsung and Foxtel. Do you think I’ll trade in my Nexus 7 for your laggy, POS Galaxy rubbish? Unbelievable. Samsung is as bad as Apple now. I despise both companies.


Im sure it will be leaked.

Jason Murray

Before crying foul on Samsung for exclusivity arrangements, consider that where they score this exclusivity is often because they’re financing the development of the app in the first place.

I’d be more inclined to thank them, especially because the APKs usually leak really fast (eg, Flipboard)


You don’t think the absurd price they charge for TV is enough to cover some developers that will keep their business out of irrelevance as people move their consumption habits away from the TV?


Why!!!!! Just use the Internet Foxtel is useless and the Internet content is actual HD and Full HD so much better quality


Samsung apps gets a lot of exclusivity (Navigon, Plus7) and I hate that because without proper planning you lose them when you go to cyanogenmod or something else. And having the apk isn’t really enough because you lose automatic updates itself. As for Foxtel Go itself it risks making itself useless. For one you are currently limited to two devices per household (really Foxtel? Many people have a phone and tablet each and there’s certainly more than one adult in my house) and you can swap one device a month. And for two Airplay (DLNA or miracast on android) and… Read more »

Damon Smith

This Samsung exclusive crap is annoying. Being exclusive to Samsung won’t make me buy one of their phones or tablets.


Does the nexus 10 count as a Samsung tablet


I bet it doesn’t. You’ll need to have Samsung’s bloated, laggy, filthy skin crawling all over your device.


gee thanks !!! Foxtel not !!! unhappy foxtel subscriber !! paying over 130 a month! and wont get this on either my nexus 7 or HTC desire !!!!


Pointless Samsung exclusivity. -_-