Project Glass
Google Glass Explorer editions have begun finding their way into the hands of the lucky few who won the #IfIHadGlass competition and this has meant that unboxing videos have now begun appearing on the web. This unboxing video comes from Dan McLaughlin who did an initial unboxing. Quality is not the best with Dan offering this explanation for the less than stellar recording ‘Recorded on an old Mac Mini acting as a server so it lagged and I thought a quick video was better than a perfect video’.

Dan has also recorded a somewhat meta 2nd version of an unboxing of Google Glass using the 5MP, 720P camera incorporated into the Google Glass Explorer to show off the contents of the Glass box, which includes the Google Glass device, a power cord, two visors and a carrying bag.
Glass Unboxing Contents

We can only hope that Google opens up pre-orders for Glass ASAP, hopefully as soon as at Google IO in May. I know that I will definitely be getting my hands on one any way I can.

What do you think of the kit provided with Glass?

Source: 9to5Google.
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I’m thinking getting prescription lenses will largely depend on whether the Glass “frame” is made to hold them – and given the frame can hold the sunglasses included with it, I guess it will only be a matter if talking your optometrist into making them. Going to show the unboxing video to an optometrist friend and see how hard he thinks they would be to make. Those of us who only need glasses for reading might need removable prescription lenses anyway – I don’t need mine for driving, or riding the bike, but need them for reading and computer work.… Read more »


With the clip on lenses that are provided, I wonder it you’ll be able to order prescription versions.

If you can’t I guess I’ll just need to start wearing contacts, because I need to get one of them 🙂