Some exciting stuff going on in the Android world today, folks. The team over at Android Police have discovered some interesting files amongst the new MyGlass app that the Google Glass team launched yesterday. For everyone to fully, or at least kind of understand what’s going on here, a little explanation needs to be done.

When Google ship their own app, they include all the needed files for that app to work properly with their mobile services (Google Play Services – GMS). These files enable greater interaction with Google’s own services. For example, if an app has in-app billing, their app has some GMS files in it to ensure it can connect to the Play Store to make those purchases. The same thing with Google+ sign-in.

The interesting thing today is that Android Police found a Google Play Service folder in the new MyGlass app that refers to real-time gaming, but it makes no mention of actual Glass, which means that the MyGlass team likely included aspects of Play Services they didn’t need. What Android Police found is files needed for:

  • Real-time multiplayer gaming
  • Turn-based multiplayer gaming
  • In-game chat
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Invitations
  • Lobbies

So as you can see, there’s everything there that you would ever need to create a great gaming system for Android. There’s no UI included in the Play Services files, which leads AP to believe that these are just hooks for developers to use to create their own UI but have the same consistent gaming experience across all games that choose to use this new service.

As for when it might launch? I hear Google I/O is just around the corner…

Source: Android Police.
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    I don’t think the Play Services were mistakenly left in. I think there is a new version of INGRESS the game, which would supply the UI. What better for a game that interacts with the real world and than Google Glass. Look for a Google I/O new Ingress game that supports Google Glass !!!

    David Smith

    I wonder if the in-game chat would use babel/babble/whatevs. That feature list stomps all over Game Center.

    Sean Royce

    Finally, I can’t wait for a gaming service like game center.