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We posted a couple of weeks ago about an all-new Play Store that had begun rolling out to Android devices in the United States. While you could download and install it manually on your devices in Australia, the Store’s shelves were a bit bare because Google had not intended it to go live here just yet.

Android Police this morning revealed that Google have begun pushing another update to the Play Store, bringing it to version 4.0.26, and after installing it, I noticed that the featured and promoted content was back. Apparently though, this was a mere coincidence, as people with version 4.0.25 are also now seeing the additional content. Apparently the update only brings bug fixes.

Since it seems that Google have now switched on the new Play Store’s content here (and it is localised, as a Commonwealth Bank application was listed as a recommendation), it’s surely only a matter of time until the update starts rolling out officially. If you can’t wait, hit up Android Police for the download.

If anyone’s Play Store is updated automatically to the new version, let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Police.
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To answer your question, I just got the update pushed to me automatically.


Recommendations are pretty poor. They should have implemented swipe to clear crappy ones. I’m also not the slightest bit interested in movies when I can subscribe to Netflix..

Sean Royce

I can still never understand why it can take a week or more for the official application to be released in Australia. I’ve already been using it for over a week and only now is it finalized for Australia. I feel like we get everything late from Google.


If you’re in Google play marketing and you have a new back end system to populate with content and advertisements for all of the regions you market in, and engineering has to hold up releasing the app until they can be released with content, it would make sense to focus on some key markets, get them complete earlier, and work on back filling other markets as fast as you can. The alternative is delaying until all the regions are ready, which still could be a few weeks away, assuming we’re not last.

Sean Royce

Thanks for the information, I understand you, and get that completely, but I feel they could have at least pushed the updated application. Even without the recommendations.


“I understand and get that, but here’s why I still think I’m right”

Again the peanut gallery of the internet taps into that “infinite wisdom” they all draw on when they feel a corporation has willfully wronged them.

Un-bunch your panties and chill. The wait won’t kill you.

Sean Royce

I can live without it. Quite easily, but I think if a corporation is going to do something then they should release it everywhere at the same time. That’s like releasing a blockbuster in America, but nowhere else.


You have zero grasp on how the real world works.

Sean Royce

No I don’t, I’m just being picky.

James Sagi

Is my life lacking waiting for this update? aww. jeez. it’s purely visual. ch-ch-chill.

Sean Royce

Mate, I want what I want.