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Galaxy Note 8

For those of you that think a 7-inch tablet just isn’t quite big enough, you’ll be pleased to note that Samsung’s new offering, the Galaxy Note 8, appears to have arrived on shop shelves this week.

After being listed in last week’s Dick Smith Electronic’s catalogue for pre-order, the Galaxy Note 8 is now available for $459. JB HiFi also has the Galaxy Note 8 on sale, for a few dollars less at $456.

A few of our team have seen the Galaxy Note 8 out in the wild already, so let us know what you think — are you after something on the larger size of medium? Does an 8-inch tablet reach out to you and call your name?

Source: JB HiFiDick Smith Electronics.
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Any idea on the 3G/4G version release date??


Really wanted to get this but not at that price. Jb’s regularly offer the 10 inch note for 40 dollars more or I could but the Samsung galaxy tab tab 10 inch for $300 not to mention is more expensive than the ipad mini, if should at least match that


And this is the wifi only version too


The physical formfactor of the Note 8 would not be a big change from what I already use, a Telstra T-Touch Tab. But the price gouge for the Note stylus capability on hardware that is 2 years old… No Sale.

Damon Lewis

Hardware and capacitive buttons (on a tablet)…..No. Just no.

James Finnigan

Couldn’t agree more. It’s a shame, too, because the Note 8 is actually a really awesome device otherwise.

James Lee

with 3G+ Phone capability that’s why~~

Joshua Hill

For a device that performs similarly too a Nexus 7, check this anandtech review for details http://www.anandtech.com/show/6893/samsung-galaxy-note-80-review it is massively over priced. I have a 2 year old Galaxy S2 with essentially the same hardware inside a much smaller case. It looks like a competent device and if I won one I would be very happy and not bother to sell it for something technically better but that price, what a joke.


Seen it, Love it but that price is way too step for what it is