Screenshot 2013-04-19 at 13.45.09
The Files App for ChromeOS is a much maligned piece of software, mainly from reviewers who start looking at ChromeOS and Chrome devices for the first time. Now, according to François Beaufort, Google open-source Chromium Evangelist the Files App is about to not only become a fully fledged Chrome platform Packaged app it’s about to get a new UI.

For comparison here is the new Files App UI(Left) and the current Files App UI :

There isn’t much to look at apart from the above screenshot but if you want you can check out the commit in the Chromium Code repository it’s here. If you’re currently into the Dev side of things there’s a how-to on getting the new running here just use the switch ‘–file-manager-new-ui‘.

What do you think of the improved Files.App?