Samsung is launching the Galaxy S 4 tonight in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House – we’re sending Jason Murray to the event

Stay updated below with live updates and photos from the event. You can also follow @AusdroidLive for updates!

We’ll have our usual wrap-up after the event finishes, but this will allow you to see the news from the floor.

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    This is a joke, Samsung ARE the biggest joke of all in releasing 2 processors – the snapdragon 600 being inferior to the Exynos 8 core. The keep the 8 cores mostly for Korea and screw australia with the Snap600 and a massive RRP. Piss off forever Samsung it’s time we started looking back to Japan for technology.

    Sean Royce

    You’re a fucking idiot. You try supplying millions of SoC’s all around the world. rand new to mobile technology mind you.

    j man

    Hey 8 core is only 3g, thats u the International version is the 4 core so u can access dual band lte. 8 core isn’t everything as it switches between the two different 4 cores. Dont be mad its not a race thing.

    Mikhail Cass

    Thanks for the updates!
    Do you know when pricing and availability will be announced?

    Aidan Greenshields

    appreciate the coverage, dont know what these other chaps were about!


    wheres the updates, this is total bullshit!!


    The updates are right there. I’m guessing there’s something wrong with your end if you can’t see them.


    Wow, an hour in and not a single update… no wonder I never visit this site.


    You must not be paying much attention. The updates have been pretty frequent mate.


    Working for me!