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In preparation for the pending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 tomorrow in Samsung stores and Saturday for retail, Ausdroid spoke to the Australian carriers for a statement as to their intent with plans and handset repayments.

Vodafone’s plans are very much as expected and discussed on a recent Ausdroid Podcast (based on 24 month plans):

  • $20 on Vodafone $30 Plan/ Total min.cost $1200
  • $15 on Vodafone $40 Plan /Total min.cost $1320
  • $10 on Vodafone $50 Plan/ Total min.cost $1440
  • $5 on Vodafone $60 Plan/Total min.cost $1560
  • $0 on Vodafone $80 Plan/Total min.cost $1920
  • $0 on Vodafone $100 Plan/ Total min.cost $2400

They’ve also included a stack of bonuses for their customers

● Make the most of your data with an extra 1GB data boost for the first 12 months on 24 month $60 plans and above with a Samsung GALAXYS 4. We also charge fairly on a per-kilobyte basis and offer Vodafone Alerts2 to keep on top of your usage with a heads up at 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance.
● Bigger is better: Enjoy a network capable of the fastest 4G speeds in metro Australia. With 4G, you will be able to do all the things you love doing today on Vodafone 3G, up to 15 times faster.
● The hottest smartphone at great prices-Samsung GALAXY S 4 just $5 per month on Vodafone $60 Planover 24-months
● Our $60 Plan offers Infinite standard calls to Vodafone and 3 phones, Infinite standard and international txt, $700 included value for standard and international calls and more*, 1.5GB of
included data, with BONUS 1GB data boost offer for the first 12-months. This means that you get 2.5GB for the first year! All these inclusions are for use in Australia.

There’s sure to be a flurry of activity across the coming hours and Ausdroid will disseminate information as it becomes available.

Is the sex appeal of the Galaxy S4 enough to get you to re-contract to your carrier? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bhugtaan Pragyaware

Thanks to share this informational content here!! I am also a vodafone user so this content is appropriate for me.


Why does people still stick with vodafone? how good is their 4G network? vodafone network might have improved, however I m still not convinced whether they have caught up to Telstra n Optus, so question why why why vodafone?


Depending on where you live, Vodafone network is good in most areas


understand what you are saying, however for an extra $1-2 (mthly plan), you could go with optus/virgin, which supposedly to be better. most people that are still with voda, is either they are locked in a contract or they are just clueless about different carrier out there? im trying to get out of contract, but i still have 2 months left, im contemplating to whether i should pay the 2 months remaining and move to optus or voda 4g will be as good as what they promised…


Garbage plans for garbage phone. Snapdragon600 is FAIL compared to the Exynos 8 core. Samsung what were you thinking? Marketing department should be hung

Brad H

…and then you have the opinion of people like me who would rather the Snapdragon chip set. Exynos is not my taste. I’m an AOSP ROM kind of guy. Exynos doesnt offer much developer support. Actually sold my S III because it had a Exynos chip in it. Using my Snapdragon Nexus 4 now. Wouldn’t go back to anything but a Nexus!


Snapdragon is rubbish compared to Exynos, and dont go spreading that ‘easy modding’ BS –> http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/04/19/samsung-begins-dropping-galaxy-s4-kernel-source-gt-i9500-gt-i9505-and-sgh-i337m-virgin-mobile-canada/
Research something for a change before supporting a company who just screwed over the majority of the world and kept the good model for themselves. If not for Japans MASSIVE handout after the war Korea wouldnt even have a tech industry.

Brad H

Also, the Octa core is just marketing doing magic anyway. It’s really a quad core times two. 4 high performance cores and 4 battery saving cores. You’ve been sucked in.


But the Exynos has higher benchmark right? That, at least, or says something.