There’s an air of excitement around tech circles tonight waiting for the news of when we can get our hands on the latest and greatest device from Samsung, the Galaxy S4.

Ausdroid’s Jason Murray is at the launch event tonight and we’ve received confirmation that the Galaxy S4 will be available tomorrow from Samsung Experience Stores, and from Saturday 27 April from carrier stores and other outlets. Outright pricing is $899, which is quite high, but equally, it seems to be a Rolls Royce of a handset.

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Are you longing for a Galaxy S4? Longing enough to pay $899 for it? Let us know in the comments below

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Michael Conradsen

I just paid a third of that for a Galaxy S2 plus, running recent software, which suits my light weight needs.


Kogan or Mobicity are your only options people if you want 32gb and 64gb version and if you want the Exynos 5 Octa cpu instead of the under powered crappy Snapdragon 600 processor.


You need to update your story as it’s incorrect.

I went to the Samsung Store in Sydney today and they only have it available for pre-order with stock available as of the saturday the 27th.

Greg McPherson

The Price is part of the Image.
This is the Biggest and Best and Most Advanced Phone Ever.
That’s the Image.

So, the price has to reflect that. People would be less interested if it was a hundred bucks cheaper.


Kinda funny that I’m tossing up between waiting for the Note 8 w/ 3G or getting the S4.
Just wish there was a definite timeframe for the GN8 3G release.

Duncan Jaffrey

Don’t wait. Mobicity has the 3G version now. I’m waiting until google IO


The mobicity one is only pre-order,with no idea of when it ships…:(


You sure it’s available from Samsung Experience Stores tomorrow? Everywhere else seems to indicate that they start taking pre-orders tomorrow.


Premium price for a phone that is revolutionary not evolutionary in a rather depressive market. Samsung expect to sell 70million units, not when most of your customers have paid a premium on a similar looking phone (s3).I’m holding on to my money !

geoff fieldew

You can pretty much ignore the $899 RRP. Unless you’re seriously going buy it from a Samsung store you can bet it will be much cheaper once it hits other retailers.


So it’s a $100 premium over its biggest competitor. Sure it will sell, would you buy it if you had the SGS3 though.


i think that is fair enough, the amount of work that would of gone into the phone makes 899 a substantial amount. I would buy but waiting to see what apple brings to the table.


Apple will add another inch to the current inch.


899 is a rip off for only 16gb?? WTF samsung? and you can’t even get the 32gb and 64gb that you get overseas? WTF f$%k you Australian carriers why don’t we have 32gb and 64gb options like the rest of the world!!!!

No One

$60+$5 for S4 16GB with Voda LOL


You just couldn’t keep out of the box could you?

No One

Just receive a SMS from Vodafone, pre-order start tomorrow 9AM

Duncan Jaffrey

Only a 16 gb model, higher RRP then internationally. Australia gets ripped again. Mobicity anyone!


If I remember the S3 had the same RRP. Yet no store sold it at that price, I think it’s going to be around $800 before the eventual price decrease


full specs for each carrier?


Yowza, $899??? That’s iPhone level pricing (which is pretty ridiculous by itself)! Hopefully retailers would be smart enough to price it at 699-749 range to match the HTC One/Sony Xperia Z at least.


not for $899 who are they kidding.

Phil Tann

Carrier information is coming VERY soon…
It’s enough to get people to re-contract I think.