Now that the Australian launch has been and gone it’s time to evaluate your options for purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 outright or on a plan. Samsung has announced that they will have it available in their Samsung experience stores for outright purchase for $899 from tomorrow and in carrier stores around the country from the 27th of April, but is that the best deal?

Looking around at the various importers it appears that you can actually save a fair amount.

Store : Mobicity dMAVO Kogan Harvey Norman
Colour Available Black or White Unspecified Black Unspecified
Memory 16GB 16GB 16GB 16GB with bonus 32GB MicroSD Card
Price $829 (i9505 model) $700exGST $799 $819
Shipping $19 $15exGST $19 Free in-store pickup

There is sure to be a lot of competition in this space in the coming months, especially from Kogan. The Harvey Norman deal with 32GB MicroSD Card is a pretty attractive offer as well. Let us know in the comments if you see the Galaxy S4 on-sale outright anywhere else.

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Pre ordered through Harvey Norman last week. Received a delay email from them this morning. Quite disappointing!
“The galaxy s4 has been delayed until next tuesday 29th april.”

Jonathan Siu

I called my Harvey Norman store about it on Saturday and they said that they are fairly sure they would get it in on Monday 29th, so fingers crossed.


Contacted Telstra on Telstra Exchange site-their s4 will be 4g with both 1800 and 900 mhz capability-future proofing :).. Also-add Gladstone to the list of cities with Telstra 4g service


Went in to Harvey Norman today (Capalaba QLD) and there system shows none state wide!!! ( another nexus stock issue on our hands???) anyone have any luck ?


Well of course there wouldn’t be stock yet right? They are currently taking pre-orders for $829

Dan Lehman

Anyone notice Kogan’s is the internationally sourced version (3G, octa-core CPU)? Screw that!

Sean Royce

4G LTE is only in the major cities atm, it’s not really worth it at the moment.


LTE is in more than major cities, I can only speak for QLD, but Telstra LTE is in Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay, Townsville, Mt Isa, Moranbah, Rockhampton and most likely other towns I have not visited recently

Sean Royce

I live in Brisbane man, and I don’t know where else it is except the CBD.

Dan Lehman

It’ll get better in time, then you’ll be crying with your i9500 in your hand. 😉

No One

Harvey Norman seem to be the best choice.


except it dosent seem to have the device for pickup on day one where Telstra sells it for 816 at selected stores, idk if its Telstra branded, if it is I wouldent want that even though im with Telstra prepaid..


mobileciti has pre-orders for unbranded aussie stock for $839, not sure about shipping.


They have changed their prices to $799, enter GS4PREORDER code at checkout to get a $10 discount and free shipping

Jesse Kinross-Smith

I think that the Mobicity model appears to be the 3G model (i9500), and won’t work with Australian LTE (4G) frequencies from what I’ve heard. The Australian model is the i9505.


I thought all models of the S IV were LTE (4G) ?

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Sure, but it doesn’t mean it works on the 4G in use in Australia. From what I’ve read there’s at least three variants – the i9500 Exynos, i9505 Qualcomm, and Korean version SHV-E300K. The i9505 is the one being sold in Australia and compatible with the LTE in use here.


No. Out of the variants I know about, only 2 out of 3 are LTE capable.

The international i9500 is a 3G only model.

The international i9505 is the 4G model we are getting.

The SHV-E300K is an exynos powered 4G model that’s exclusive to South Korea.

Dan Lehman

Just had a look and they’re advertising the i9505…

Jesse Kinross-Smith

The original poster changed the table – it’s now linking to the i9505 model instead and the price has changed to $829 instead of $799.

Dan Lehman

Ah – gotcha. So what’s Kogan’s excuse? lol.