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Given that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to hit the market, and the HTC One is already attracting a lot of attention, we want to know which phone will make it as the must-have for 2013 so far. We’ve reviewed the HTC One (you can read the review here, we thought it was great) but not yet the Galaxy S4, as we’ve not yet got a review unit, but we will soon.

However, there’s plenty known about each phone, and in our experience, the decision made on purchasing one over the other is not made based on how the device works, it’s how the specs look and whether it’ll make you stand up and pay attention.

We’ve set out the specs of each of these flagships below, and while we’ve highlighted the more impressive specs, we want your vote — which is the flagship of 2013?

  Samsung Galaxy S 4
CPU 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Krait 300 (AU model) 1.7GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600
GPU Adreno 320 (AU model) Adreno 320
Display 5-inch 1920×1080 (441ppi) 4.7-inch 1920×1080 (469ppi) Super LCD 3
Camera 13MP / 2MP 4MP Rear / 2.1MP Front
Reportedly a better camera than the GS4
Video Recording 1080p @ 30FPS 1080p @ 30FPS
3G DC-HSPA+ 42Mbps 850/900/1900/2100 MHz DC-HSPA+ 42.2Mbps 850/900/1900/2100MHz
4G Yes Yes
RAM / Storage 2GB / 16/32/64GB 2GB / 32GB
MicroSD Yes No
Weight 130grams 143grams
Dimensions 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm
Battery 2600mAh 2300mAh
Removable Batt. Yes No

So, give us your vote. We’ll leave this open for awhile to measure as many people’s opinions as we can, but we want to know — which one takes the crown in your opinion?

Also, stay tuned, because I have a sneaking feeling that Ausdroid might be giving away one of these beasts to one lucky reader. Alternatively, we might be giving away one of each! Stay tuned!

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Can I vote for the Oppo Find 5? It’s actually got support from the OEM!!!!


I had a Galaxy S2 and got a HTC One last week. It’s a very very good phone. I wouldn’t go back to Samsung at this stage unless they really lift there game. I was worried about Sense 5 but I find it much more like stock Android then Touchwiz, and its not bloated with apps I will never use. I was compelled to use a launcher with Samsung devices, but I don’t feel the need with Sense. It’s a shame HTC aren’t marketing their phone better.

Greg McPherson

That was interesting.
Watching The Voice on TV on a Sunday night while washing the dishes.

A HTC One advert comes on. Showing off the speakers. and mentioning at the end that it’s available on Vodafone.
Then, immediately after comes a Vodafone advert. Which ends says you can get a Galaxy S4 on an xyz Plan.

HTC is paying for it’s own ad. Vodafone pays for the Samsung ad.
Ahh well. Poor HTC.

Elliot Kotis

HTC ONE. THE SGS4 is just full of gimmicks.

Sean Hatton

For specs it’s the SG4, for pure sexiness it’s the One. Me, I’m waiting for the Google X like a true fanboy 😀


Having used it for a week in the UK HTC for me for the premium metal finish, audio quality and camera. Only thing worries me is the lack of memory card. By the way I’m a current GS3 user with loads of troubles.


S4 for me because of battery life. Bigger battery and it’s still thinner and lighter?
After suffering the dismal battery life on my S2, never again!
As dazweeja mentioned, the battery test on Techcrunch puts S4 at 7 hours heavy browsing vs 5 for the One which is a massive difference.
Mightn’t matter for many users but having to constantly manage battery life on a smartphone is the pitts.


These stats are wrong. In the US you get the Snapdragon with LTE and 320 graphics.

If you are in Korea ONLY you get the Exynos processor with the power VR AND LTE.

Elsewhere, you will get Exynos and Power VR, but no LTE.

HTC one is correct on your fact sheet, but the reality is that SGS IV for the majority of people (other than Korea) will not have the specs you say.

Sean Royce

I love the HTC One, and it is a nice device, but Samsung did it again, and it definitely will be the most popular phone of 2013.


winner is iPhone 5


Should really have added a “not interested in either” option.

Nexus or GTFO


I haven’t seen too many battery tests but the S4 lasted about 40% longer than the One in the Techcrunch test which is actually a big deal to me. Being able to use the S4 with gloves on is also pretty cool (I live in Melbourne). Launching with 4.2.2 instead of 4.1.2 on the One might also be a sign that Samsung is going to work hard on updates with this model too. I’d love to have the speakers of the HTC One and it really is a nice design but I’m going with Samsung this time.

Sujay Vilash

HTC One for me (should have mine in a week). Removable battery is not an issue (current phone is an iPhone 4 which doesn’t have removable battery), no microSD, again, my iPhone 4 doesn’t have one, 4UP camera is not an issue as I always carry my Samsung Point & Shoot when we go away or my EOS DSLR when we go overseas. But the premium looks and feel are important to me. I don’t think I will get that with the SGS4. Hence my decision to buy the One. Glas I didn’t go for the Xperia Z.


like the avatar mate. You really can’t go wrong with either- both are great phones- i loved how the One felt in the hand.. not a huge fan of the plastic of Samsung.


Wow almost dead even. I personally went with the One, purely for looks.

geoff fieldew

GS4 for me. I prefer the bigger display and camera in a slightly smaller and lighter package. I’m not planning to purchase either of them though.

Sean Royce

Neither am I. Waiting on the Nexus 4 refresh at I/O.

Nick Fletcher

I think for myself I want to get an S4. I like playing around, I root all my phones, test out various kernels try and deep dive into the hardware. But for lighter users I will probably be recommending the HTC One – it just seems nicer, and i’ll definitely be jealous of the body and Sense. Touchwiz (even on the S4) just looks dated to me now. Sense 5 looks really modern and nice.


i agree mate. it seems the snapdragon version of the S4 will be well supported by developers. Touchwiz is so very gingerbread. Needs an overhaul like sense 5 has gotten.


Can someone told me why you choose SG4? Are there any innovation on this phone?

Peter Graham

HTC lost my vote and my money for the dame reason they did the last 2 times. No expandable memory and no removable battery. Major deal breakers for me.. Aspecially the ni expandable storage.

Huey Nguyen

And no mention of the “Ultrapixels” as well, so obviously makes the HTC One look worse in terms of camera specs, where in reality, it’s not actually that bad.


I read somewhere that they just layer 4MP on 4MP on 4MP (I think, not too sure), so technically it’s 4MP just getting the clear pictures in those 4MP shots.

James Finnigan

That’ll be how HDR photos are composed, but I don’t know if regular photos would be taken that way, as it would make the phone take much longer to take a shot.

The pixel count only refers to the size of the resulting image. How many megapixels a camera has means next-to-nothing in terms of image quality.

Alex Baldwin

However, higher megapixels have the POTENTIAL to have more detail due to more pixels to work with. HTC has just made up the term ‘ultrapixel’ similar to Apple making up ‘retina display’. Ultrapixel only refers to allowing more light into the lens, so low-light images can look better without needing flash. It’s not some special different sort of camera. It just allows more light in at the expense of pixel count (hence the 4MP), whereas the Galaxy S4’s camera allows more pixels (13MP) at the expense of light. Just different trade-offs. Sadly, it looks like HTC’s gamble with focusing on… Read more »


I’m S4. But, would like to hang around to see if the Note III is a possible consideration. Don’t need to upgrade since putting AOKP 4.2.2 on the GT-I9100 SII. Thanks for the coverage of the devices though 🙂


Still confused about the Octa core
If we import it from other contries that have the Octa-core, is it compatible with the 4G network (though i don’t mind, because 4G is only in major cities atm)?


I don’t think the exynos octa-core is compatible with 4G at the moment. the qualcomm chip that runs at 1.9 GHz is better for battery and connection when connecting to the 4G networks.


Oh, okay thanks for the info!

Thing is, i’m considering importing the phone (most likely Octa from international version), and it’s way cheaper than buying it here, which is RRP $899? So expensive!

Milty C

The Ocata-core is definately not compatitble with 4G at the moment.


Works with our 3G right?

James Finnigan

Should do! It’s compatible with 850, 900 and 2100MHz, which are all the bands used in Australia. It also does DC-HSPA, so if you use Telstra you’ll still get solid speeds. If you use Vodafone, it might suck less.


what about optus coverage? Will it suck?

James Finnigan

It should be fully compatible with Optus’ 3G and LTE network, but I haven’t used Optus in a long time so I couldn’t tell you off hand what their network is like these days. Give this a try, and hopefully it’ll give you an idea:


Well i went on the site, and it says that their 4G network runs on 1800mhz compatible devices; so does that mean the octa CAN run on it? considering how it can go up to 1900mhz/2100mhz?

James Finnigan

Unfortunately not. 1900/2100MHz are discrete 3G bands. For LTE to work, the system-on-a-chip must support it (which, apparently it does), and it must have a radio antenna calibrated for a particular frequency.
I’m not sure if the Exynos version has any LTE antennas, or what frequency they’ll be configured for. That will depend on the market in which they’re sold I guess.
Sorry about that, but the Exynos version is still a bit of a mystery.


Thanks for your help!

James Finnigan

Correct. The octa-core Exynos does not support LTE.

James Finnigan

Well, there you go. Thanks for the correction, Scott. Whether Samsung will put an LTE antenna in the Exynos version though is a different story.

jeff kaczor

Yes it dose there are 2 versions. One that dose and one that dosen’t. The one that dose is shv-300s. And will work on usa lte bands. Go on ebay and buy one. Not hard todo buddy.


Not strictly true as the SHV-E300S version has both Octacore and LTE (Bands 3,5,1,7,17) although I don’t believe any of the Aussie carriers will be selling this version.


Xperia Z not even considered? Wont vote until we have all 3. I’m not sure which of the 3 I want. I just feel I want a change from samsung as its arguably on par with alternatives, HTC One AND Xperia Z

Phil Tann

Nexus 5 expected at Google I/O in May!


Nexus 4S?

Sean Royce

I really, really hope so mate.

Shannon Lang

I’d have to go on the S4. I’ve just had a look at one of the “dummy” handsets and it actually feels much nicer to hold comparted to the S3. The thinner bezel made all the difference there. I want something that I can change the battery on as well as change a micro sd card around on, plus have a bigger battery. S4 wins in both depts. I’ve always had Samsung handsets and still find no reason to try anything else. The HTC One lacks a replaceable battery and doesn’t even support external storage. The simple fact it doesn’t… Read more »


Yes i had a look and feel of the dummy headsets too!
and it feels nothing like the SIII, much thinner and lighter!

Jesse Kinross-Smith

This article is somewhat misleading with it’s mention of Exynos processor and PowerVR GPU for the S4. The S4 sold in Australia uses a Qualcomm processor and uses the same Adreno 320 GPU that it is in the HTC One. Also worth noting that the Exynos variants do not have 4G that will work in Australia.

Mikhail Cass

You could just suggest that @ozcjr made a mistake and that he correct it.

jeff kaczor

Your misleading and wrong. If you look at the top of this artical they do say octa core and snap dragon for the s4. They didn’t have enough room to put both stats in for both Gpu’s of the s4. And yes there is a galaxy s4 with a octa-core that has LTE its the
SHV-E300S. So get your facts stright before you try talking about anything.

jeff kaczor

And the galaxy s4 has a better quad core snap dragon processor. A 1.9 quad core vs htc ones 1.6 quad core.