Kogan Nexus 4 Bumper
If you’ve found the $32 price tag of having the Nexus 4 bumper delivered from Google Play a little distasteful then you will most likely be very pleased with Kogans new addition. Kogan has added the Nexus 4 Bumper to their range and is selling it for the low price of $14 which includes free shipping.

At a cost of $165 to replace a cracked screen on a Nexus 4, $14 is very cheap insurance to avoid this cost. The bumper fits quite nicely to the phone although it does make it a little wider. With the Nexus 4 bumper currently out of stock on Google Play, if you have just purchased a Nexus 4 or been checking them out for a while then now is the time to head over to Kogan and grab one for yourself.

Source: Kogan.
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Brad H

This is definitely not genuine. The stock photo would picture the sleeve they come in and mention it of it was. Probably pick the same sort as this one up on eBay for half THIS price.


Yeah pretty sure these aren’t genuine. But if they’re as good quality as the ones from dx-box, then $14 delivered is a decent price.


Is this not just a cheap eBay-like bumper copy, with a decent markup? My reaction to this article was that it might have been genuine, but it doesn’t look like it to me.