Popular to-do list app Remember The Milk has been updated with a brand new user interface. The new interface uses sliding panels to display information to the user. It’s not just for phones either, with the layout scaling nicely to tablets as well.

The default display shows you tasks that are due this week, and you can easily select a specific day of the week to show just the tasks that are due on that day.

Adding a task is now easier, and you can easily add all of the additional information you require (eg, the due date), add a tag and assign it to a specific list. To complete a task you simply long-press on that icon which will give you the option to complete or postpone the task.

One feature I find quite useful is the ability to return to the list by swiping across the
top of the screen no matter where you are in the app.

Also updated in this version are the home screen widgets, and the addition of an Android 4.2 lock screen widget. Those users running Android 4.1 and above will also see the addition of expandable, actionable notifications, allowing you to complete or postpone a task directly from your notification shade.

It is worth noting that the widgets and notifications are only available to pro users – subscriptions start at $25 for 1 year.


Source: Remember The Milk Blog.
Via: Android Central.