The dominance that Samsung has over the smartphone market continued in Q1 2013 where they command an impressive 30% of the market. There’s no sign of them slowing down, particularly as they’re expecting to sell roughly 10 million Galaxy S4 units in the first month from release of the device. Add to this, the price of the Galaxy S III will no doubt drop putting it into the price range of a new segment of the market that previously would not have considered the device and the Samsung Galaxy juggernaut continues!

Samsung’s market reach is truly astounding – 3 out of every 10 smartphone sold that are Samsung branded devices. It’s easy to dismiss the numbers with the “big deal, that’s 70% that’s not Samsung” and you’d be right, the figures become much more impressive when you read that Samsung have nearly double the number of their nearest competitor the iPhone and is the only other single manufacturer with double digits in market share percentage.

The also-rans include:

  • HTC at 4.4%
  • Nokia have slipped to 4.3 percent, down from 5.2 in 2012
  • Huawei showing at 4.0%
  • ZTE at 4.3%, and
  • Sony at a disappointing 3.5%, which surely will take a jump with the Xperia Z now on the market.

The supply and litigation issues that multiple manufacturers are currently dealing will have some bearing on the success of devices in the coming quarter, it’s unlikely to slow the demand for phones but rather determine based on availability who’s phone consumers will purchase.

Will you be grabbing a Galaxy S4 at the first opportunity, or is there another device that catches your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Dram Exchange.
Via: Android Authority.
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Sean Royce

This will skyrocket even more with the release of the S IV, and even later this year the Note III.


How does Lenovo have such a market share? didnt realise they sold too many of their smartphones? unless they are popular for business somehow?

Dylan Wheeler


Brad H

They’re the number one most popular brand in China for smart phones.