Chrome Beta
If you’ve been using a Chromebook then this latest update to Chrome Beta won’t add anything new to your Google Docs experience, however if you’re on a Mac or Windows machine and edit Microsoft Office documents, then this may be of interest to you. Google has added a new extension called Chrome Office Viewer (Beta). The new extension means you can click a link to an Office file and it will open directly in Chrome.

The new extension offers a sandbox approach when opening Office files, just like PDFs and webpages which allows Google to protect users against malware attacks that are sometimes delivered via infected MS Office files.

If you’re using the stable version of Chrome this won’t unfortunately be available for you as yet, but if you’re willing to take a chance on the Beta version of Chrome then you can install the extension from the Chrome Webstore. Installing Chrome Beta is as easy as downloading it from here.

The extension is still in Beta so Google is looking for feedback, if you find an issue click the “Report an Issue” button when you’re viewing the file to report a bug.

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    I am wondering how can I install both stable and beta version of chrome on mac os x? After I downloaded beta version, seems it will replace the stable version of chrome?