Nexus 7 Travel Cover - In Stock
After almost nine months of being teased on the Australian Google Play store and being available freely at retail stores for nearly seven months, Google has finally made the Nexus Travel covers available for purchase in Google Play. The hard-wearing rubberised cover which fits snugly around your Nexus 7 is available in three colours – Pink, Light Blue and Dark Grey.

Nexus 7 Travel Covers

Of course what is a product on Google Play without a description and Tech Specs and the Nexus 7 travel cover has both :

Nexus 7 Cover
Protect your device with the soft, lightweight, matte-finish travel case made just for your Nexus 7 tablet. The Nexus 7 cover allows simultaneous charging and headphone port access while keeping your device secure. Compatible with all models of Nexus 7.

Tech Specs
DIMENSIONS 200(L)x127(W)x15(H)mm
WEIGHT 133 grams

The Play store advises that the cover ships in 1-2 Days and costs $19.99, as with all accessories we’ve seen so far there is also that $10.99 delivery fee on-top making the total price $31.98 meaning that you WILL save money by simply walking into your local JB HiFi, EB Games or Harvey Norman and purchasing a cover with the bonus that retailers appear to have a much wider selection of colours offering Light Grey, Orange and Teal as well. Of course if you’re ordering a Nexus 7 from Google Play then purchasing this way makes a lot more sense.

Have you purchased an official Nexus 7 Travel cover or gone with another type of case?

Source: Google Play.
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omg after 9 months, my nexus has been without a case… i think in the current condition, a case is probably too late…


“Protect your device with the soft, lightweight, matte-finish travel case” Ha! More like hard, heavy, bulky case! I only leave mine on when not using the tablet and that’s probably only because I spent $25 on it and want some use. Not worth it in my opinion.

geoff fieldew

All the bricks n mortar stores sent them back to Google because they couldn’t sell them. Or something. I wouldn’t recommend them for anything other than protection.

Daniel Tyson

Currently looking at stock in a store right now. Don’t know where you heard that one Geoff.


Umm correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t “protection” the only reason one buys a case for his/her phone/tablet?