Google is well known for putting Easter Eggs in their software – just go tap the version number in your Android Settings or type ’tilt’ into the search bar on the Google Webpage – and it seems that Glass is no different. Google Glass Explorer Jay Lee has posted on his Google+ page about an Easter egg he found in the settings of his Google Glass Explorer edition :

If you go to Settings -> Device info -> View licenses, wait for the license file to open and then tap the touchpad 9 times (you’ll hear an audible beep increasing in pitch each time), you’ll get a chance to meet the Google Glass team in an awesome panorama shot!

It’s these sort of things that makes Google seem just a little more fun than the average company. Unfortunately in a recent interview with the BBC Eric Schmidt advised that Glass consumer versions are a year away from shipping to customers. Hopefully in the next year we can hope to see some more easter eggs crammed into what is quickly becoming a very much desired item for nerds and non-nerds alike.

What easter eggs would you add to Google Glass?

Source: Phandroid.
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    Would like to see patent information after 10 taps