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We have received word that the new Play Store has started rolling out officially to Australians. We saw a few days ago that the recommended content was added for those that manually updated to the latest version but it is good to see Google officially rolling it out.

The new layout adds the Cards UI which Google have been using for a lot of their apps lately and I must say that I am a fan of the new interface.

Have you received the official update? Do you like the new layout? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks: Chris Spencer.
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    Melissa Hooper

    New Play Store landed on my Galaxy S3 sometime yesterday. It was ‘old’ version in the morning but by early afternoon it changed to the ‘new layout’. Not sure I like it. It looks too ‘busy’ at first glance.


    Got it on the Nexus 7. Front page looks really nice and clean, but as you go through it the UI is really big and doesn’t fit as nice.


    Hey guys, ijust went into my apps in settings and cleared the cache under the play store app, re started my Play store and there it was! New version on my N4


    Didn’t work for me. I’m on n4 with Vodafone. 🙁

    Hayden Andrew

    Download this file and install. Official and Signed by Google


    Got it! Just one thing its version 4.0.27! Wasn’t the latest 4.0.26? Oh well, loving it!

    Hayden Andrew

    They have just released 4.0.27. The only difference from 4.0.26 are minor bug fixes and translations


    Still waiting to see it on my HTS One.

    vijay alapati
    Trent Hill

    Look at the address of your link: http://www.wowtechy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/android-market-makeover.jpg

    That’s from march 2011, over 2 years ago.
    Not surprisingly it looks like froyo eh?

    Sean Royce

    I had it ages ago, surprised it took this long. But it annoys me that Google seems to go for big, I liked the old one better, it fit so much more into the screen.

    Luke Pocock

    Got it on my Nexus 7…waiting for it on my HTC One X

    James Finnigan

    It looks so much nicer, but I do miss the ‘Featured’ sections. Their recommendations are awful.


    The fact that they are updating this for gingerbread and onwards is a good thing.
    For the people who own older devices and are thinking of updating to a new phone will be more familiar with the new card look 🙂

    David Smith

    Thanks for the update, I was just about to ask if it was only my n4 not getting the update.