If you thought that the release of Google Glass had been quiet on the app front, then this announcement from the New York Times could be about about to start a whole landslide of new apps designed specifically for Googles new wearable device. The New York Times has announced that their headline reading app that was seen at a Google Glass demo at SXSW in Austin Texas last month is now available to connect to Glass.

From the looks of things you don’t even require a Glass headset to actually connect your GMail account to Glass, this 4-Step process is available to anyone :
Step 1 – Go to :
Step 1

Step 2 – Choose your account
Step 2

Step 3 – Select Allow Access
Step 3

Step 4 – Done
Step 4

I’ve connected my everyday GMail account, so it looks like all I need now is a Google Glass Explorer Edition and I’m set.

This is not the first Google Glass ‘App’ to be released, as Path integration was shown off at SXSW and is supposedly included in the default setup of Glass when taken out of the box. Despite running on Android it does appear that there will be a difference in the distribution of ‘Apps’ between Glass and traditional Android devices although the New York Times app appears to merely request permission to add data to your Glass Timeline.

Very cool stuff and with Glass Explorer editions being offered to not only Hollywood celebrities :

But developers with ideas on how best to use Glass in every day life, we should be seeing more stories like this emerge in the very near future.

What Google Glass Apps would you like to see?

Source: TechCrunch.