Optus Galaxy S 4

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 hits store shelves in Australia tomorrow.

Despite recent reports of stock shortages in the US, it seems that Australian carriers are doing fine.

Optus tweeted on Wednesday that their online preorders had sold out, but has advised us that all of their bricks-and-mortar stores will be carrying the device tomorrow as planned.

Have your pre-ordered a Galaxy S 4, or are you planning to pick one up tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.

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Pre ordered from Harvey Norman a week ago. Was told today that only new contract purchases will get S4’s on Saturday. Outright pre orders will have to wait 🙁


Not all stores will have the handset. I had mine all lined up to pick up from a store here in Brisbane tomorrow and was informed today that they will not have any stock until at least next Wednesday, maybe even for two weeks. I know that the optus store in Chermside, Brisbane only has about 40 handsets!!! THere will be a few dissapointed people tomorrow I think.

Richard Cikursch

Think i’ll wait a few months and let the early adopters find the bugs and see if they are prone to dying like the s3 was.

Sean Royce

S3 didn’t die till nearly a year in, and it wasn’t every device under the sun. Mine is about a year old now and still kicking.