Update: Viber has been in contact with Ausdroid and has told us:

Since this is a major issue, and since we care a lot about our users’ security, we kindly ask that you edit/update the current article, adding our response, and officially stating that we have fixed this issue in matter of days. The fixed version can be found here: http://download.viber.com/viber.apk

It isn’t all that common that we come across news like this for Android, but unfortunately, it’s not as uncommon as it should be. It seems that Viber, the popular VoIP app for Android, has run into a little bit of a problem. With a little work it seems that it’s possible for someone to gain full access to your device via the Viber app.

There’s a catch in this — it’s not remote access; to gain access to whatever is on your phone, you’d need to be running Viber, and for your phone to be accessible to the perpetrator of the ‘attack’.

In fact, the attack is nothing more complicated than sending a couple of messages to the victim’s phone. It seems that Viber’s message popup disables or bypasses the default Android lockscreen, allowing anyone who has physical access to your device (and the ability to send you Viber messages) to get access to your naughty photos and to email them to your boss pretending to be you.

This is a really low-tech ‘hack’, and the chances of this being exploited to do you any harm are pretty slim, but it does demonstrate a valid point — don’t rely on a simple lock-screen to protect your data, as these can be quite easily bypassed in a number of ways; this Viber example is just one amongst many. If someone can gain physical access to your phone, they might as well have access to anything that’s on it.

What can you do to protect yourself against hacks like this? Keep any really sensitive information off your device in the first place, encrypt it or store it in some kind of secure-storage application. That, and keep your phone on your person and don’t leave it lying around… simple things, really.

The makers of Viber are working on a fix, and say they’ll have a solution in a week or so. Until then, keep an eye on your device.


Source: Phone Arena.
Via: Android Authority.
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    Is there a possibiltity that some pictures and videos can be seen by other person who are using viber?


    What exactly do you mean “other people”?

    A Viber user can see a picture or a video only if they were sent to him/her 🙂



    I am an official representative from Viber Media.

    We care a lot about our users’ security. We worked around the clock to fix this
    security glitch and already a few days ago we released a fixed version for this
    problem. It is available for download at: http://download.viber.com/viber.apk

    We will make sure that such glitches do not reoccur.

    For any other questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    the Viber Team.

    Graham Bae

    Thanks for that; it’s good to hear a response straight from the horse’s mouth. Has the fix been pushed to the Play Store? If not, when should users expect this to happen?


    The fixed version has not yet been published in PlayStore, and we plan to do so during this coming week. We apologize for the delay.

    However, since we took this issue very seriously, it was important for us to come to this blog and bring the news directly to Ausdroid.net users, including the download link.

    We would highly appreciate it if you could edit your article, stating that this issue has been fixed, include the link, etc 🙂

    Thank you in advance!


    I think someone hacked my viber with out ever having access to my phone is that possible please anwser ASAP


    What can I do to find out and how can I make sure they dont do again

    easy fix

    disable pop ups on viber…problem solved…you still get notified in your notification bar anyway

    vijay alapati

    So is that fault of Native lock screen app for being too easy to break the lock or it is fault of viber app 0_o


    Yep – there must be a gap in the lock-screen protection mechanism if an app is able to bypass it (assuming viber doesn’t use root)