If you are after the Galaxy S 4 on Telstra, your wait is over. Telstra have just let us know that they are now taking pre-orders online, which will begin shipping next week. Considering that Optus’ pre-orders sold out in less than one day, I’d recommend getting in as soon as possible.

You can always try your luck picking one up in store on Saturday, but not all stores will have stock available, and the ones that do are likely to sell out quickly as well. For a complete list of stores that will be carrying the device, visit Telstra’s CrowdSupport website.

The Galaxy S 4 will be available on the $80 Every Day Connect Plan with a $6 handset repayment per month. The plan comes with $800 of standard national calls and MMs, unlimited text messaging and 1.5GB of data.

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We already sell the phone guys

The words ‘pre-order’ is Telstras choice of wording, this erroneous usage has already been pointed out to Telstra on Twitter by Jason and myself.

Only tier 1 stores recieved the first stock on Saturday. Not sure when other stores will be receiving their stock.

Good news is we have been selling them like crazy!

White ones in today.


It’s $6 dollars with an $80 plan 😉

James Finnigan

Thanks, corrected.