Soon, it’ll be easier than ever to take the perfect selfie, as CyanogenMod will soon be adding hands-free photography to their camera application. One of the senior members of the CyanogenMod team, Richardo Cerqueira, posted the above photo to his Google+ page earlier this week, showing off the new feature, which allows you to set a timer for the image capture, or use voice recognition to capture an image when the phone detects certain keywords.

Unfortunately, you can’t add your own trigger words to the list (at least not easily), because according to Cerqueira, Google’s voice recognition works well for sentences, where it can contextualise words to get a better match, but for individual words, it’s not so great.

Cerqueira also posted this video, so you can see the feature in action:

Source: Google+.
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    Sean Royce

    Now, I actually call this innovation.


    Doesn’t seem much useful according to what it shows in the video. If you’d like to 1. touch the screen and 2. move your finger to choose voice command, you might as well just hit the shutter.

    David Anderton

    not for selfies

    David Anderton

    Awesome! Hope they implement this in stock android