Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4

The dual-sim variety of the Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked images and videos from some time ago, has come to fruition. The dual-sim, octa-core beast is now available in China.

The GT-i9502 looks great and dual-sim would be pleasing to some users, but for those of us in 4G/LTE areas it’s lacking in that DEPARTMENT – the coverage across UMTS 850/900/1900/2100MHz simply is not going to be sufficient for some speed obsessed users. While dual-sim is certainly attractive to those of us that are regularly carrying multiple phones, like so many things in life; once you’ve had 4G you’ll never go back.

As yet there’s no indication if or when this device will be available outside of the Chinese market.

Does a dual sim variant of the Galaxy S4 excite you? or do you not need or want this type of function? let us know in the comments below

Source: Samsung China (translated).
Via: Engadget.
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R Pinazo

I wonder if the Samsung Galaxy S4 + Duos will have 4G LTE

me and me

I want this has it been there in market for au yet ?

Sean Royce

Can someone explain why China always has dual sim phones? The HTC One has the same deal.


A lot of people there tend to use 2 separate mobile numbers for work & personal life. Some mobile networks offer “1 SIM 2 numbers” plans.

Moby - Perth

I want this Dual Sim phone! I currently have a Samsung Grand Duos and I love it. I have used a lot of dual sim phones (work number and private number) for many years and Samsung is the best I have seen at just making things work. If it really does utilise 850/900/1900/2100MHz then it will be fine in Australia as is the “Grand”. Can’t wait for this to become available on-line, I will pre-order.

SYD Harry

In Australia, where can I buy Octa version.?


It will not be on sale in Australia per se but you can try one of the many Australian grey import websites by googling ‘buy I9500’. Note that the octa version does not have LTE (supports it but Samsung did not include the LTE chip for it to work).

Colin Richardson

I would rather have a slot for a Micro storage card, and no 4G?? can’t see it coming to Aus.