In the Google Vs Apple war, the tides turned nearly 12 months ago to be clearly in Google’s favour. As time goes, a number of factors are swaying figures towards the Google side of things.

Android market share has continued to grow through the massive demand for Android mobile devices, now amassing an astounding 1.3 million device activations per day. Eric Schmidt made comment on the market swing away from the once dominant iOS to Android:

This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago — Microsoft versus Apple, We’re winning that war pretty clearly now.

The comments show that not only is Google in control of the mobile market, but also confident in their user base to continue naturally expanding and growing. Schmidt also cited the the success of other Google web based services such as the Chrome Browser, Gmail and the social network Google+ which has now accumulated over 100 million active users. Schmidt even likened Google+ to the social media giant; Facebook. Big call.

Schmidt has got a clear vision of success behind him and he’s planning on building it further.

Part of this strategy of success is to “make a bigger pie” of which Google, clearly, want the lion’s share. The issue with this is one that’s already raised its ugly head throughout the rise of Android — control over the space and, in particular, forking of the operating system.

Clearly Google have struck a formula for success, is it one that will carry them into the future or do you think it will die off? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: The Verge.
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I hate Apple, however I think Android has a lot of things to catch up to or even surpass.. it’s unfortunate we always use Apple to compare with.. but the fact that google doesnt have a good customer service and the relationship between google/android and customers do not exist are all very real. For this reason, i am 100% supportive of Apple, because I WANT google to stand firm and be more innovative, so they can be the best.


The thing is apple only sell the one phone and its still got a huge market share. Accessories and such are still all in apples favour but its slowly changing. I dont really like people comparing sales of android to ios though considering how many different types of devices run android. Also can agree that googles support is very very poor as is microsoft. Trying to rma a nexus is a nightmare. Im getting to the stage that ill have to get my credit card company to get my money back for the replacement charge. Ive been calling up for… Read more »


Personally I disagree with this article. Android might be selling more phones, but I don’t think google ‘is wining the war’. As has been well documented, even by Google, the fragmentation is still a major problem. You are also comparing android to iOS, which I believe is an unfair comparison, iOS only runs on Apple phones, android runs on many different manufacturers phones. A better comparison would have been iOS vis samsungs variant of android on their phones only. One the ghat lets google down is their customer service, it sucks. I had the luck of experiencing it first hand,… Read more »

Better Than You

Butthurt MacFag.


Yup, and that about sums up an android user. 13 years old and can’t take criticism about his beloved android device, grow up douchebag


Says the 13 year old who replied back with the same pathetic comments.

Grow up!


Yes, point taken. I didn’t handle that as I should, and will admit that and take the slap on the wrist.


Crikey, typing too fast! That should have read ‘one thing that lets google down.

I gave android a chance. But I won’t ever recommend it. Google cant keep up with products and releases, and in Australia they’re a joke.

The only place google is ‘winning’ is the number of android devices sold. But as I said, they aren’t all google devices.


They may not be all “Google” devices, but it’s still Android. The beauty of it is that it allows manufactures to apply their own little touches, features and software to it. This gives consumers choice – massive choice! Samsung have clearly done the best job of this so far. HTC are trying and having used a HTC One for the first time today, I loved it. They have come a long way since my HTC Sensation days. So yes, it is a fair comparison – iOS vs. Android. Two different companies taking totally different paths and to date, Android is… Read more »


Fair comment Ray, and their will be people in both camps equally as happy with their experience. Personally, the talk of ‘winning the war’ is purely spouted to cause arguments. Who really cares.. Just because you are happy with your android experiences, doesn’t mean the next person is, and vice versa. My points still stand, google distribution and availability is a major issue, as is that of the fragmentation, and the difficulty in finding good tablet apps in the play store. I believe google is trying to rectify this though. Customer service is another, and while you may not have… Read more »


You said it – who really cares. At the end of the day, we have a choice. Depending on what you want, you can go with iOS, Android, Windows and in the future it’s anyone’s guess as to what will be available. I must admit though, Apple has left a very sour taste in my mouth with all the patent disputes and legal nonsense it has dragged manufacturers through – especially over the last couple of years. I think the reason it hit me so much was because I’m all for freedom of choice. I believe that I should be… Read more »


Agreed. Patents for every minor feature is ridiculous. Only comment to add is that apple do license their patents, and in the case of Samsung, Samsung were offered licensing terms, but they refused. So at some point courts do need to get involved. I guess it seems worse because we hear all about legal action in all different territories, so it sounds like there are loads of cases, but when you operate in lots of different areas of the world. It’s going to happen. One of the things I find really frustrating about google is their attitude toward folk outside… Read more »


Definitely on the same page regarding Google’s attitude towards those outside the US. This is “really” frustrating! Borderline on infuriating sometimes. 🙁

Apple definitely wins here. I will certainly give them that.

Sean Royce

You’re right, there is nothing wrong with the OS you choose, but when someone tries to say that iOS is better ojectively and that is’s superior because it’s made by a “luxury brand” as it were, that’s what drives me craziest. Especially when Android can do at least 100x more out of the box then any iOS device.


My apologies.. The last line of the first para didn’t really come across right., I didn’t mean it to sound hostile toward you Ray. It was meant to convey that for anyone that has positive experiences there are those who will have the opposite, and that’s true of iOS or android. I’m fully aware that people like android because they have the freedom to control things the way they like, but I’m also aware there are those that don’t like that, and want to get on with things without those distractions. It’s why we have choice. There’s room for iOS… Read more »

Milty C

You have some valid points but the fact that you are no longer a regular android user makes me suspect that you are exaggerating the negative for the sake of trolling.

Ive got an Ipod but have never posted on an IOS site because i aint no troll.


Exaggerating what negative? I have the emails from google here to back up the comment regarding their customer service, I was an android user until three weeks ago when I sold the nexus. I’m still a big google user. I’m a tech person that likes to keep abreast of what’s going on. I wasn’t trolling, I was contributing my experiences of google, and how I didn’t agree with the original post, based on my experiences. Nothing I’ve said has been fabricated.

Sean Royce

Bend over backwards to help? They are atrocious from many stories that I’ve been told. Also, I spent well over 2.5 hours waiting to get an iPhone 4S. Never again, and then pretentiously got clapped out while another 200 “customers” stand in the store not actually buying anything just wasting time with the pretty products that are limited to applications and changing their wallpaper.

Justin Mack

I don’t think fragmentation is as big of a issue as made out…. When people upgrade their handsets they are helping end the previous version of Android they the older versions slowly die out as the new handsets and OS version takes over…. Nearly everyone I know is now on Android…mostly Samsung Galaxy’s or Google Nexus phones and id say most people are 2nd and 3rd generation Android users now…I’m on my 3rd…..Started with a crap LG phone…then got the Galaxy 1 loved it. Now using Galaxy 3 and by the time my contracts up next July I’ll get a… Read more »

James Sagi

If you have a lousy neighbour do you also sell your house and your car and go an live in the jungle? You buy one video and it doesn’t work so you pack up and sell everything android… Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Maybe try the google movies app first next time troll