Announced at CES back in January the Asus Cube is the first Google TV product from the Taiwanese manufacturer and it incorporates a few interesting design paradigms when it comes to both the unit itself and the software interface. In the US the device has launched and is selling online for $139.99 + delivery from places like Amazon, but here in Australia we haven’t seen much information.

Asus Australia have advised that they haven’t got a lot of definite information but when asked about a release time frame for Australia they advised :

Should be available in late Q3 or early Q4

They did advise they would be in touch when their HQ has provided a little more information. The @AsusAU Twitter account also tweeted a link to a video on the Asus Cube with Google TV – User Interface Overview :

We’ve had precious little in the way of Google TV units in Australia with the Sony Internet Play with Google TV the only official unit available here, however at $299 it’s a little on the high side when it comes to price. We are hearing that Google IO could see a little more in the way of Google TV development with at least one other company in Australia readying Google TV players for release after the May event.

Check out the video in the embedded tweet above and let us know what you think in the comments, also are you interested in a cheaper Google TV unit from Asus or is Google TV too little, too late?

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But Seriously

The “Cube” interface is so 1995, No Thanks!


I’m only just now getting ready to retire my Popcorn Hour A100 from 2008. Would have loved to go to a Google TV option, but as the article suggests, it’s too little too late. I’m building a combined NAS/HTPC using a $480-ish HP N54L micro server (including graphics card, hard drive, ir receiver, Logitech keyboard/trackpad (ironically, a k700 off a Logitech revue), etc). I might one day get a miracast receiver to get android onto my TV, but for now I just don’t see the point.

Dylan Xavier

Yay. it will come her 6 months late for possible double the price. Cant wait!

Greg McPherson

In 6 months it wont matter. Both the Hardware and Android will have moved along.

Dylan Xavier

Tell Asus that.