Chromebooks have a ‘weird’ setup keyboard wise when you first start using them and you have to come to terms with a few differences, things like the Caps Lock key is missing; replaced with a Search key and the Prt Scr button is missing. So, from a functionality standpoint, with the Prt Scr button missing, how do you take a screenshot?

ChromeOS has actually built in a screenshot functionality and you can take either a full-screen screenshot or select a partial screenshot.

Hold Ctrl+ ChromeOS Buttons - Page Flipper Will take a screenshot of your screen
Hold down Ctrl+ Shift+ ChromeOS Buttons - Page Flipper Will allow you to capture part of the display, your cursor will change from an arrow to a cross and you can then use the track pad to select what you want to be captured in the screenshot.

For Stable or Beta builds of ChromeOS, screenshots are saved into your File Manager in the download section. Simply click the Apps List icon ChromeOS Buttons - Apps List then select Files ChromeOS Icons - Files.App. Your screenshot is saved as ‘Screenshot YYYY-MM-DD at time.AM/PM.png

If you’re on the Dev channel of Chrome, you will receive a notification popup in the bottom right of your screen that tells you that a screenshot has been taken. The notification includes a link that will open the File Manager directly at the file.
Screenshot Captured

Pretty easy right?