Google has just released the Kernel source for one of their most highly anticipated products to date – Glass. The kernel source which is available as a 65.7MB ‘tarball’ a file which combines a number of files into a single source. The announcement added by DannyB on Google Code advises that the source is being stored in a temporary location which you can find here, but will be moved to ‘git next to all other android kernel source releases relatively soon’.

Website Karthik Geek has done a tear down of the source and found some interesting things in there, most interesting is the existence of a reference to NFC – specifically to the NXP NFC Controller PN544.
Glass Source - NFC
Perhaps Glass has NFC in it, we won’t know until someone like iFixit does a tear down and checks out which chips are actually included as Glass may have an NFC controller installed but made dormant until some future upgrade, NFC would certainly make pairing to your Bluetooth enabled phone a very painless experience.

Source: Google.
Via: Engadget.