Galaxy S4 - Life Companion
If you’re interested in finding out about what went into the design process behind the Galaxy S4 then Samsung has just released this video which features Vice President of UX Design, Sungsik Lee as well as UX Designers Kyungdae Park and Dongjun Shin.

They play up the Life Companion tag line saying the phone is ‘Aware of me, it knows what I am trying to do’. They show off the features of the phone like S-Scroll and the album features showing how the phone can enrich your life. The video is entirely in Korean with English sub-titles and definitely worth a watch.

Ausdroid has been able to get a hold of a review unit of the Galaxy S4 thanks to our friends over at Vodafone and Chris has put down all his thoughts about it in a first impressions post which you can find here.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow.
Via: Engadget.
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“Not a radical difference, but more of an evolution”
“Like nothing you’ve ever seen before”

“designed with a more rational approach”
“created with more emotional elements in mind”


At least we now know why the software is a complete cluster**** of a mess.


Design process…… take a pic of the GS3.. done.

Shannon Lang

I have the I9505 S4 and it’s a cracker of a handset! It’s essentially a more powerful, more sleek looking S3 really.