Samsung are a big player in the Android market, and have received a lot of attention recently owing to the release of the Galaxy S 4. Yesterday, a rumour about one of their lesser-recognised Android hardware contributions started making the rounds.

While it’s well-known by now that Samsung will release new tablet devices later this year, according to SamMobile, one of those new tablets will be a so-called Nexus 11.

Samsung has long been a major partner with Google on Nexus devices – they’ve built the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 10 – so this doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

SamMobile included a rumoured spec list:

Nexus 11

  • 11-inch Super PLS TFT
  • 8 MP Rear camera
  • 2 MP Front camera
  • Octa-Core A15 / A7 (Exynos 5410) CPU
  • Micro SD Card Slot

Most of that seems fairly reasonable – a jump to an 11-inch display is not out of the question, the front and rear camera specs seem about right and the CPU coming from the Galaxy S4 is also not too far fetched. The last dot point, though – “Micro SD Card Slot” – has me questioning the whole thing.

Google have been quite clear why they don’t include Micro SD card slots on Nexus devices, so why would they suddenly have a change of heart and put one in the Nexus 11?

Other devices rumoured to be coming to market include the Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0, Galaxy Tab 8.0, and the Galaxy Tab 11. Specs:

Samsung Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0

  • 7-inch PLS LCD 600 x 1024
  • 3 MP Back camera
  • 2 MP Front camera
  • Dual-core CPU
  • Dual SIM
  • Micro SD 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0

  • 8-inch AMOLED 1080p
  • 5 MP Rear camera
  • 2 MP Front camera
  • Quad-core A9 (Exynos 4412) CPU
  • Micro SD 64 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11

  • 11-inch Super PLS TFT
  • 8 MP Rear camera
  • 2 MP Front camera
  • Dual-Core A15 (Exynos 5250) CPU
  • Micro SD 64 GB

Would you be interested in an 11-inch Nexus tablet? Does the possible addition of an SD card slot sway you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SamMobile.
Via: Android Headlines.
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stuart binning

..Definitely, I will only purchase phone or, tablet that supports sd card. Currently using tf201prime 64gb internal plus 32gb sd


The only thing I need on a Nexus tablet is HDMI output. I’ve always wanted a bigger tablet, I’ve got a 10″ Acer A500 and I find it small. Especially these days when there’s a lot of floating applications that are pretty good.

Damon Lewis

The Nexus 10 has HDMI output as far as I’m aware (there is a micro or mini HDMI port in the right side of the device)

Daniel Tyson

Correct – HDMI-D output on the Nexus 10, works like a charm.


Nice. Might wait till I/O just in case they announce something to do with tablets – I’m in no rush.


This is a lot better news from Samsung than that piss poor excuse of a tablet called the Galaxy Tab 3 that was recently announced. But yeah, like the others, I’m a bit sceptical of the reports of the inclusion of a micro SD card slot.

Damon Lewis

If all those specs for the Nexus 11 I would buy it instantly (and sell/give away my Nexus 10)

Peter Verwey

I would definitely buy a Nexus product if they had both microSD and rear camera. These are intangibles for me. Add those, and they have my vote for sure.

Sean Royce

Hmm seems interesting, hopefully they don’t stick with dual core this time around and bump it up to the octa core, but then they’ll have to release the source code for it! That’s not like Samsung!


I always thought Google’s reason for not having an SD card slot, that it would “confuse users” was rather thin – it was a price-based decision.

With most Android devices the camera app asks you whether you want to store your photos on the SD card or on internal storage – not exactly rocket science

I’d probably go for the 8″ unit (I have a Nexus7 now), 11″ seems a tad big.


It’s not about users getting confused, it’s about the fact that SD card slot-equipped devices can’t employ geeky (and important) things like MTP. MTP is leaps and bounds ahead of the old USB Mass Storage method, and quite frankly I’d rather not have to give my PC full control over my phone’s storage every time I plug it in (as you had to with UMS).