Tangerine Glass
If you’re as keen on Google Glass as the rest of the tech community and to a lesser extent the rest of the world seems to be then you’re keen for any information or news on this exciting product. Google Glass Explorer Dan McLaughlin who previously brought us the Glass unboxing video has recorded the Glass app running on his phone using the Screencast screen recorder app to record the output which according to Dan is exactly what he sees on his Glass headset.

The menus are controlled using a combination of the Touchpad on the side of the unit as well as the familiar “Ok Glass ….” commands we’ve heard previously. The ability to wake the Glass unit by adjusting the angle of your head is an introduction to some of the physical gestures that used to control the unit as well.

It appears Google has also anticipated the amount of people wanting to try out the headset, including a ‘Guest mode’ as well that can hide your personal data when showing it off to interested parties.

The low light quality of the camera capture does not appear to be great, but from other users who have captured and shared photos in better lighting conditions it doesn’t appear there is too much to worry about on that front.

All in all a very interesting video, check it out.