Welcome To Glass
Well, it never rains but it pours. After a video was posted this morning by Dan McLaughlin showing off the Glass menu system via the Glass app on his Galaxy Nexus; Google has gone one step further releasing a highly produced version which shows the timeline in Glass in much greater detail.

The whole navigation system in Glass appears to be very intuitive. This really shows off how much Google believes in the card based system utilised in both Google Glass and Google Now, especially with the release of Google Now for iOS yesterday.

The only question now is when will Google begin taking orders for Glass and will they be taking orders from Australia?

Via: TheVerge.
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Stephen Wrathall

What the?? If it’s a timeline, why are the past events on the right, and the now/future events on the left???

Daniel Tyson

That’s a good point. Maybe it feels different when using the actual unit?


Probably because, with the forward swipe gesture, you’re pulling cards from “behind” you from the past.