Mophie Juice Pack
If the 2,300 mAh battery in the HTC One is not quite fulfilling your needs, then the non-removable battery in the phone means that your options are limited. External battery packs such as the Droid-Ax Portacharge are an option but carrying around an additional device is not desirable. Mophie has announced that they will be releasing a comnbination battery/protective case for the HTC One which includes a 2500 mAh battery to more than double the battery life of the device while protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Mophie - Black

The Juice Pack will be released in stages with the Black version available on the 1st of May and a silver version becoming available in mid-May. The case will cost $99.95USD + delivery to Australia which comes in three different options: FedEx International Economy for $26.61USD, FedEx International Priority for $28.80 or UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping for $48.39.

Mophie - Silver

When attached to your phone the case allows you to start charging your HTC One at the flick of a switch. The case also includes an LED power indicator and still allows you to charge and sync your phone via USB. You can also still use the IR Remote control function built into the power switch without removing the phone from the case.

The case appears to add minimal bulk to your phone with the Juice Pack measuring 153.9×73.1×17.0mm and weighing in at 143 grams,for comparison the HTC One device by itself measures in at 137.4×68.2×9.3mm also weighing 143 grams.

It’s not cheap but the protection and extra battery life offered could be very well worth it for a phone which is worth a lot more than the $100 price tag. Check out the Mophie website to place an order.

Source: HTC One Juice Pack.
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Sean Royce

I love these things by mophie, but they always charge top dollar!


I’d like a battery case that raises the front profile of the phone Otterbox Defender does. So if it’s face down it won’t damage the screen.