Approaching Google I/O in only a couple of short weeks, there’s more and more evidence showing that while Key Lime Pie may be delayed, what is out there is the version 4.3 update and not 5.0 as originally speculated.

Android Police first dissected their server logs and noticed some interesting things appearing, notably Android 4.3 on multiple devices including Galaxy Nexus. Now, Android Authority is seeing this as well – interestingly one of the devices that’s showing up with the 4.3 update is a Huawei.

We’re still stuck speculating on the updates and OS version numbers and their meaning, until I/O and Google confirming everything all we can do is report what’s out there.

Do you think Key Lime Pie will be delayed, or is it Google trolling? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Android Police.
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    Sean Royce

    So glad I purchased the Nexus 4. Can’t wait to be one of the first to receive 4.3.


    You don’t even know what’s in the update!

    Sean Royce

    I know that, but I’ll still be one of the first 😀