Noah Falstein
Noah Falstein, a game designer and producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the game development industry such as Lucasfilm Games, DreamWorks Interactive and The 3DO Company has, according to his LinkedIn Profile been hired by Google as ‘Chief Game Designer at Google’.

Falstein, who worked on titles such as Sinistar, Battlehawks 1942 as well as two absolute classic adventure games – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis has been a fixture in the gaming industry since 1980. Most recently he has been running his own game design and production consultancy firm called The Inspiracy. Google has recently experimented in the gaming arena via the Niantic Labs game release Ingress and with this latest hiring the speculation may begin that Google developed games could be on the way.

Recently, Real-time multiplayer gaming functions were found inside the recently released My Glass Android app and with the hiring of a Game Designer, Google may be set to launch gaming in a big way on Android. Indeed, Noahs original LinkedIn profile which TechCrunch found a cached version of; showed his position as ‘Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio’.

There has long been a disparity in the number of titles available between Android and iOS, with many game developers tending to release games for iOS first and foremost. This move could be the way that Google intends to address the issue to bring quality titles to Android first.

While we won’t know anything solid for a while, it would be nice to see some quality gaming titles appear from Google and hiring a designer/producer of this caliber is certainly a move in the right direction. As this is only a recent hiring, it would be presumed that actual game releases will be a fair way off in the distance, but it is nice to speculate.

Could Google pull of some big game launches for Android to address the disparity in gaming between iOS and Android?

Source: TechCrunch.