Angry Birds has to be one of the more popular mobile games of recent times, with a whole slew of games based on the original bird-flinger now available. It might seem a little incredible, but believe it or not, there’s a new Angry Birds game available, but this one has a bit of a twist unlike some of the previous games.

Angry Birds Friends is definitely a social game (in fact, without friends to play with, it might be a little dull). THe premise of the game is the same — fling birds at pigs in structures and try to kill ’em all. However, the rub is that your score is tracked, allowing you to compete with friends playing on their Android or iOS devices, or even via Facebook.

It’s free, why not give it a go? Check out the Play Store link below, and give your iOS using friends the link for the iTunes version and you can all play together.


Source: Rovio Blog.
Via: Engadget.