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The none too private issues that HTC have been having with profits, operating margins and revenue continued to slide in Q1 2013. The company has hit some tough times over the last 2 years posting negative growth for nearly 2 years now and the slide has continued with the company only managing to net a measly USD$2.8 million in Q1 2013.

To top this off their revenue was down to just over USD$1.4 billion, the gross profit of the company has seen in Q1 is 20.3% down 2.7% on Q4 2012 and down a surprising 4.7% on the same time last year. Negative growth on this scale across a single year in a company smaller than HTC would likely spell bankrupcy, it’s a testament to their business structure that they’ve been able to maintain their production this long.

They have made some great phones including the recent HTC One which is seen by many in the industry as a Hail Mary in an effort to arrest the slide of the company. Only the next quarter’s figures will give us the final picture as to whether or not the One is the savior that HTC have been searching for across the last two years.

Is the HTC One enough to save the company? or are customers leaving the sliding company in droves for a good reason? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Source: GSM Arena.
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I don’t understand why HTC keeps going with no memory card and non replaceable battery.

No one is going to rule out a phone because it HAS a memory card slot and replaceable battery. However the lack thereof is a dealbreaker for many – why HTC keeps pushing these customers to Samsung is beyond me.


even if they don’t include removable battery due to their unibody design, I don’t see why they keep going on deciding not to include a micro sd slot~~

Sean Royce

I hope they succeed, we don’t need a monopoly, as good as Samsung has become, we always need fair play.

Andy D

Given that they’ve had a fairly unimpressive run up to the HTC One (solid but nothing I’d call impressive), it’s still pretty commendable that they’re posting a profit at all. If they can keep pumping out a few wins like the HTC One, horizontally integrate themselves into other electronics (tablets, TVs, etc), then I think they’ll come back to the fore.


The HTC One is wonderful (I just bought one) but I hope the company will keep alive to be able to support it.