The third Indie Gala Mobile 3 special has just been announced on the Indie Gala Twitter feed. Similar in concept to the Humble Bundle, The Indie Gala lets you pay a minimum amount for a few games with the option to pay more than the average to receive more games.

In this third Indie Gala Mobile bundle, there are three games currently up for offer which you can pay whatever you like for : Chimpact, Trainz Simulator and 9th Dawn with a fourth game due to be unlocked in the 2nd week of the sale. Paying above the average price, which at the moment sits at $3.79 will net you Bag It!, Great Big War Game, Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone and Trainz Driver plus another two as yet unannounced games to be released in the second week.

At checkout – where you can set your own price – you can choose how your payment will be distributed between the Game Developers, Indie Gala or two charities : Gala Project X or AbleGamers. Payment can be made via PayPal or Google Wallet and the option to gift the Indie Gala pack is available as well.

For as little as $3.80 you can potentially get eleven games with this deal, with the promise that all games in the bundle will be updated to new versions as they become available. The bundle will be available for another 15 days so head on over to the Indie Gala website to get in on the deal and support some developers, the Indie Gala and some worthy charities.

Source: IndieGala.
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    $4 for 11 games, I’m in and my purchase has been made. Thanks Dan.