SGS IV - White - Black - Front and Back
Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Grad Party commercial, SamsungUS has also put a couple of more commercials up on their YouTube channel.

The first commercial, clocking in at a mammoth 16 seconds, shows off the Galaxy S4 ‘Easy Mode’ designed to cut down the amount of clutter on the home screen and make it ‘easy’ to access the information you want :

The next commercial shows off another feature of the Galaxy S4 camera which is the ability to remove people or elements from the photo you don’t want or as Samsung call it ‘Eraser Shot’ :

These are actually quite good commercials, when Samsung concentrates on showing off the features of their devices instead of trying to put down users of other phones they seem to be higher quality. On the other hand there is an audience of Samsung fans that seem to appreciate the subtle – and not so subtle – digs at Apple.

What are your thoughts, should Samsung just concentrate on features or continue the digs?

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Over the past 1 week, I have seen so many S4 adverts but only one HTC One advert. If HTC is not too careful, the HTC One will get over-run by the SGS4 and may lead to the eventual demise of HTC as a company. They need to advertise this brilliant phone more focusing on Zoe, the ability to remove unwanted people/objects from photos and the ability to fix a “no smile” from a subject in the photo. These are the features which made me order my One. Now if only MobiCity could deliver it to me that would be… Read more »


These are great commercials highlighting certain features instead of the type of commercials that microsoft has been churning out for the surface and lumia phones~~ and the digs towards apple adds some entertaining value to the ads haha XD