Could it be true? Is the HTC One the chosen one to save HTC from it’s 2 year profit slide?

Going by recent reports, HTC are reeling from their continual slide and have recently had worst financial quarter in over 2 years, until now!

While their sales woes are far from over, April of 2013 has been their most successful sales month this calendar year eclipsing their March figures by NT$3.74bn, an increase of roughly AUD$115 million which is in most cases a brilliant figure. In comparison with the same time 12 months prior, HTC are down close to 50% on figures which clearly shows how far the once giant of the mobile phone market has fallen.

The increase in numbers for April is no doubt due to the release of the HTC One which is by all accounts — including Ausdroid’s — a brilliant phone. In many countries the One was only released early in the third week of April, which should mean that May will be an even bigger month again for them.

Let us know your thoughts on the HTC One and if it’s enough to save HTC in the comments below

Source: HTC.
Via: Android Central.
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Not the right frequencies for me to think about buying it :(. If Telstra had a 4g version with both 900 and 1800mhz lte I’d grab one, The fm radio and solid,very nice looking and feeling body of it is a real major plus. Just a damn shame about the frequencies.

Greg McPherson

I see plenty of One X’s about. Not Samsung Galaxy numbers, but more than most other Android phones. I am surprised HTC did so badly in 2012. I would have thought they were at least moderately successful.

The One is still occupying the Front of Shop position at the local Telstra store (having recently booted the white Xperia Z). I hope they get a few sales until the Beast crushes it.

King Schultz

Best android phone to date in term of performance,screen, battery and design ofcourse…such a Brilliant device indeed !!! Go and get it.


It’s a great phone and they could have sold more if they didn’t face supply issues. In the face of Samsung’s marketing for the Galaxy S4, HTC’s sales are sure to suffer.


Waiting to add my money to these numbers, but just holding off for some of the build issues with the early batches of the One to be ironed out.

Festivus Oz

Current HTC Desire HD user about to upgrade. I would struggle to go back to HTC due to phone upgrade path primarily and lack of customer focus.

I would also not choose the One because of lack of removable storage and battery. With 500 recharge cycles on average and HTC’s poor battery performance on phones I have had exposure too this is a risk. Especially on 2 year contracts. They need to move away from replicating Apple.

Phill Edwards

You poor b****r. My son had a HTC Desire HD which had such terrible battery life that you’d do well to get 1/2 day out of it. I used it for a while and it’s made me extremely reticent about buying a HTC phone ever again, especially if the battery isn’t removable.


I love the design but I’m concerned about the the non-replaceable battery. I’m not the sort of person that swaps batteries daily but what do you do when the battery degrades in the HTC One? I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus just over 15 months and the battery has been pretty poor for the last couple of months. That seems a pretty reasonable life for a battery so I’m not complaining. Replacement battery on eBay is $15. Problem solved. If I bought a HTC One planning on keeping it for the life of my contract and the battery degraded similarly, what… Read more »

Andy D

Had mine for nearly 2 weeks now and love it. It’s a really great phone; HTC have done a fantastic job.

Phill Edwards

What’s battery life like?


I’ve had it since launch day in Australia and I get a day’s battery (6am – 9pm), with probably average use. It’s an awesome phone. Much better then my Galaxy S2.

Paulo Lourenco

Had my HTC1 for a week now. Had a social get-together over weekend and used the Zoe feature to capture some snaps. After sharing the Zoe’s with all the attendees, they are all buzzing about the phone, talking about getting one for themselves etc. The “HTC Zoe” branding will start becoming prevalent on many youtube mini clips, this will only drive the word-of-mouth sales even further I suspect. Only talking from personal experience.

Piers McCarney

Bought mine yesterday (coming from CM10.1 on an SGS, after an HTC Dream) and couldn’t be happier. What a beast and what a hardware combo!
All it needs is an OS upgrade path announcement, then that’d be perfect.

I was also glad to hear that Virgin Karrinyup was out of stock and I got the last one at Morley! I saw a woman pull her boyfriend aside outside a Vodafone specifically to get a closer look at the One on display.
Things could be looking up for HTC. Thank God, they deserve it after such an effort!


I have been waiting just on 4 weeks for my One to be delivered by MobiCity. It has now got to a stage where I have decided that there is no point in contacting MobiCity as they simply cannot or do not wish to deliver quicker. I wish I had found MobileCiti.Com.Au before I purchased through MobiCity as MobileCiti actually have stock. But that is another story. So unless MobiCity have been telling fibs about the availability of this wonderful phone, those figures are rather hard to believe. However, I do wish HTC well as we simply cannot slide into… Read more »

SYD Harry

It’s sad to see the real SMARTPHONE maker struggles at this time. Hope everything would be alright in coming months.
HTC One is like a jewel. The best design to date. My personal opinion is,even upupcoming iPhone design cannot beat htc One’s design.

Conan Thorogood

i sort of feel a bit bad for HTC. i ditched them because of the expandable storage thing but i do still think they’re better device manufacturers than samsung, and samsung have just taken over everything now haven’t they. am actually holding out for sony to be the next big thing because i do think they’ve produced the best android experience of those three.