Leviathan Warships
If you have not heard of Leviathan Warships previously, that means you missed perhaps one of the best pre-order trailers ever released. The Jazzy Trailer from Paradox Interactive shows off a strategic action game which sees you take control of a fleet of warships. The game features an editor to allow you to plan tactics and you can upgrade your ships with more armour and weapons.

Best of all, Leviathan Warships promises cross-platform play between Android tablets, PC and Mac with co-op mode for up to nine levels or you can play with three other players across five challenge missions. The game also allows you to continue your sessions from any computer, tablet or location and adds a cloud saving based component as well.

The down or upside if you really think about it, is that Leviathan Warships is limited to Android Tablets, obviously a better experience on tablets. The game is also limited to devices running Android 4.0 and upwards as well. Inital Game download size is 1.1MB however you will need to download a one-off in-game download before you can start.

The game costs AUD $4.69 but from my inital play through it’s well worth it, it runs quite well on the Nexus 10 and I see myself losing many hours to this game.


Now, all that said, if you’re still not sold, go and watch the Pre-order Jazzy Trailer :

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    Kudos to the marketing dept. So out of left field and incorporating the user comments into the sequel was genius. It’s getting pilloried on Play for the user interface though.

    Peter M

    Bwaahaha I missed it originally but that trailer is hilarious!

    James Finnigan

    This does look awesome. If only I hadn’t broken my Nexus 7 🙁

    Sean Royce

    Ah, tablets are gimmicky anyway. The only thing you wasted was your money 😛

    Greg McPherson

    Looks like a good N7 sized game.

    Sean Royce

    Looks like my kind of game. Strategies are awesome.