Harvey Norman Nexus 4
There’s been many a discussion had on the pricing of the Nexus 4 from Harvey Norman. The Google flagship phone launched at $496, but Harvey Norman have now knocked the price of the Nexus 4 down to $419 coming desperately close to actually matching the Google Play Store price of $418.99 (including shipping). The advantage of course with Harvey Norman is the ability to pick up your phone in-store with the ability to inspect your phone prior to purchase.

If you’re still in the market for a high-powered phone at a bargain basement price then this is a deal that is definitely worth checking out. Head over to the Harvey Norman website to check it out, but remember the glass front and back on the phone and check out some cases or a bumper for it at the same time.

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Harvey Norman bit late out of the gate. No way was I paying their rrp asked my local store what’s the best price. Lowest they would go 470. Hit submit on the play store. Had the phone in 4 days.

Elliot Kotis

It is an cheap as the Play Store (unless you got free postage like I did).

Brad H

Smells like the rumour about an upgraded Nexus 4 is true.

Elliot Kotis

No, not upgraded, more memory and LTE (LTE is a downgrade in Australia/Perth, I can only get 4G in the Perth CBD, so it is a waste of battery


Although to be fair you’ll be hard pressed to find a phone without a glass front….


Agreed the glass on the back is a bitch, whomever thought that was a good idea is a complete moron.