Sony Xperia

With a budget phone sporting a camera capable of beautiful shots, Sony could be onto something good here.

The Xperia L is Sony Mobile’s latest in a long list of Xperia devices to hit the market, the most recent and notable; the Xperia Z. While there is a good amount of information about the device available through the FCC filings report, there’s no direct indication at this time as to when the Xperia L will be available “worldwide”.

It appears to hold true to the Sony devices that came before it and has specs that are roughly one generation old. In this case, rather than being slow to market or the result a design fault, it appears to be deliberate decision with the apparent intent to keep the end-user out-of-pocket expense down.

The user manual gives little away as to any special functions of the phone and the pictures look like it’s probably a little on the chunky side for a market that’s obsessed with sleek, thin phones but until we get our hands on one it’s a bit hard to say for sure if the size is justified.


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Source: FCC.
Via: Engadget.