The HTC One seems well-loved by everyone, but we think the world might be a better place if (a) it was rocking the latest build of Android, and (b) Sense 5 would come to other phones, as HTC promised.

It seems that HTC might be preparing to deliver on both of these requests, as a build of Sense 5.1 for the HTC Butterfly seems to have appeared in the wild – complete with Android 4.2’s quick settings notification pane.

How long it will take until HTC officially release an update to their 2012 phones is anyone’s guess – they haven’t always had the best track record when it comes to updates – but builds like this don’t usually appear in the wild until they’re near completion. Hopefully those of us with 2012 HTC models will soon be able to enjoy HTC’s latest and greatest.

Although the Butterfly never officially came to Australian carriers, you can purchase it locally from importers like MobiCity.

If you want to see the build in action, check out the video below:

In the meantime, if anyone knows how to port ROMs, please get on this – my attempt to port a Sense 5 ROM to the One X failed spectacularly.

Source: XDA-Developers.
Via: Droid Life.
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    Mates got one of these he will be happy.