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Rumour: Samsung upcoming phone release dates leaked

Samsung Galaxy Mega

SamMobile have released some expected release dates for some upcoming Samsung phones that have caused a bit of a stir.

Recently rumoured and subsequently confirmed, the Galaxy Mega phones, a “Galaxy S4 Mini” and the Galaxy S4 Activ (a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S 4) have each had their own share of headlines already – now their days in the spotlight are approaching.

  • Week 19 (May 6): GALAXY Mega 6.3 – GT-I9200ZKA*** – Black
  • Week 20 (May 13): GALAXY Mega 5.8 – GT-I9152ZWA*** – White
  • Week 21 (May 20): GALAXY Mega 6.3 – GT-I9200ZWA*** – White
  • Week 25 (June 17): GALAXY Mega 5.8 – GT-I9152ZKA*** – Black
  • Week 29 (July 15): GALAXY S4 mini – GT-I9192ZWA*** – White
  • Week 29 (July 15): GALAXY S4 mini – GT-I9192ZKA*** – Black
  • Week 29 (July 15): GALAXY S4 Activ – GT-I9295MOA*** – Metallic Orange

While it needs to be understood that these dates are rumour only at this time and will possibly (read: likely) change as the dates approach, it gives us a broad idea of what to expect. If SamMobile’s sources are to be believed, we’re not far from seeing these massive phones come to market.

These dates also reflect the first time each of these devices will be available to market, somewhere in the world but not necessarily here in Australia, where device release dates are often changed at the whim of carriers.

We suspect that the “Activ” – a waterproof & dustproof device – might coincide with the launch of many of the Galaxy S 4’s S-Health accessories. The launch timings may also allow the dust to settle after Google I/O before Samsung drops new devices on us.

Are you looking for a new device? What’s the biggest phone you’ll tolerate? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SamMobile.

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Valued Guest

Has anyone seen any images of the S4 Activ ?


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