Viber, one of the many cross platform messaging solutions, just got better. The latest update brings an overdue Holo update to the Android app as well as some bug and security fixes.

In late April we reported that Viber suffered a major security flaw, and, in what seemed to be a near immediate response, there was an updated APK available from the developers website that addressed the issue.

Two weeks on, the company has released an overdue Holo update bringing the interface up to the current visual standards expected from Android apps and I like it! Feedback suggests users haven’t been unhappy with Viber’s interface, but this update is certainly welcome. Along with the interface update comes the increased capability of group conversations with up to 40 participants and location sharing.

Viber has also released a desktop client that’s available for both Windows and Mac. It’s a big step forward for integrated, cross platform messaging to get this type of desktop to mobile interface outside of the Apple ecosystem with their proprietary iMessage system. Much like the previously mentioned iMessage system, the Viber desktop application allows you to continue conversations seamlessly between mobile and desktop as well as make and receive calls (including video).

Having used this mix for a few days now, sending and receiving dozens of messages and continuing conversations on my mobile while on the run I can honestly say that the desktop application (Windows version) is well designed and not intrusive on your desktop space. I look forward to the future development of this platform and the reaction that this will no doubt bring from both Apple with iMessage and Google with the much discussed “Hangout” expected to release at I/O in a few weeks.

Is desktop integration and genuine cross platform messaging something that will lure you to look at Viber? Or are you waiting for Google Hangout to release? Let us know in the comments below

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    Aryan Ameri

    Why do people bother with these? What does it do that Googe Talk/Hangout don’t do?


    I never liked the previous interface, it seemed too cartoony and iOS-like. Looks much better now.


    I can’t activate the desktop application on windows. It keeps saying my code is not correct…

    Phil Tann

    Request another code, a couple of my mates had that issue.


    I can’t activate the desktop application on windows. It keeps saying my code is not correct…


    Please check: for detailed instructions. 🙂