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Facebook Home – more features in its future

Since launching last month and nearing 1 million downloads, Facebook Home is struggling to wow the crowds. On Google Play, the app is rating an average of 2.2 stars, with most users citing the lack of widgets, lock screen dock and folder support as the reason for their low score. Users with phones lacking a dedicated shutter button will struggle to quickly capture a happy snap, which is surprising given how image heavy the app is designed to be.

Cory Ondrejka, Director of Mobile Engineering and Adam Mosseri, Director of Product say they’ve heard the cries back at Facebook HQ and assure the masses that the apps shortcomings will be addressed in the coming months. Also in the works is a buddy list feature, which will allow users quick access to start new conversations with friends without the need to open up the messenger app.

Heavy Facebook users who aren’t familiar with launchers will find it difficult to use, but Facebook is working on an instructional guide for first use, affectionately called “Blues Clues”, using blue text bubbles to guide the user through the features.

Once the desired level of polish has been achieved, Facebook Home will be developed for use on tablets, providing the user with a glossy “magazine” feel, once they find a more efficient work around for a six-inch Chat Head slam dunk (as satisfying as that may be).

Source: Engadget, and Google Play.

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4 Comments on "Facebook Home – more features in its future"

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Buzz Moody
Valued Guest

Great first post, and welcome, Michaela! 😀

Michaela O'Leary
Valued Guest
Michaela O'Leary

Thanks, Buzz ^^

Valued Guest

Does not work with the Galaxy S4 either… Not that I would use it, but I was surprised that they were neglecting a hyped, flagship model such as this.

Michael Aulia
Valued Guest

You can actually make it work now on the S4. You need to update your Facebook and then run the Facebook Home. There’ll be a second button to make it to “Run anyway”

But I tried it on my S4 for a few minutes, then uninstalled it

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