Leisure Suit Larry is one of those games that has been around for quite some time now and has seen many games added to the franchise including one that made its way to both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The original game was released in 1987 complete with 64 whole colours in it amazing EGA graphics.

For those that have not played the original game, here is a very quick rundown of the plot courtesy of Wikipedia

Larry Laffer is a 40-year old man who lives in his mother’s basement and has not yet lost his virginity. Having grown weary of his lonely existence, he decides to visit the resort city of Lost Wages to experience what he has not lived before, and find the woman of his dreams, starting with nothing but an out-of-style 1970s disco-era leisure suit and $94 in his pocket. Larry’s quest involves four possible women: a nameless, seedy-looking prostitute; Fawn, a club-goer of low moral fiber; Faith, a receptionist who (true to her name) is faithful to her boyfriend; and Eve, a bathing beauty and Larry’s ultimate goal.

Although I was only seven at the time of its release, I can remember giving text based commands to Larry to see what crazy things we could get up to.

In 1991 the game saw it’s first remake when the game was updated with VGA graphics and refreshed controls, and that takes us to where we are today. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Replay Games will be releasing their latest remake and it will be available for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux on the 31st May with a price tag of US $9.99 for Android and iOS and US $19.99 for PC, Mac and Linux.

The new game will include touch controls as well as some additional story line including a new character called Jasmine, who has been chosen by Kickstarter backers to be included in the new version.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Jasmine

Have you played any of the original Leisure Suit Larry Games, and will you be picking up the Android version on the 31st May?

Source: Android Police.
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    David Anderton

    Yes and yes

    Benjamin Dobell

    So… may or may not have funded this on Kickstarter. Also may or may not have gone for the tier that included the Leisure Suit Larry branded condom 😉


    I played the original in CGA…still remember how to bypass the age restriction!
    I didn’t understand why my pants went blotchy and I died so many times….
    Buy Protection.